Monday, June 4, 2012

New Free JEWELRY Giveaway !

Hello Everyone! i am doing another FREE Jewelry Giveaway for this month! This piece is a real stunning beauty! I am so happy to offer this piece as a special prize to ONE lucky winner! <3 you can enter to WIN this Genuine SWAROVSKI Hot Pink Rhinestone Crystal & Filigree Victorian Necklace for FREE! Simply FOLLOW THIS BLOG - and leave a comment here, that you are following me! You can also enter to win by adding my Facebook Jewelry page-  Licorice Jewelry by "liking" it and if you share the page/contest on your Facebook - comment HERE and let me know you shared for another change to win! To five this beautiful Necklace away - i need to get 650 page "likes" by July 4th 2012!! If i exceed the goal by the date - i will add another piece of jewelry per each 50 likes over the goal i receive! Thank you all so much for you love and support!! I am so excited for this contest!! stay tuned for more fun posts and sneak peeks of new stuff i am working on!! Much love!! xoxox

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blythe Dolls Inspired Jewels

Hello everyone! I have been working on some new jewelry pieces this week and one was a custom request of one of the mermaid blythe dolls. I LOVE these adorable retro looking big-eyed dollies so much myself, so i thought i would share some of the necklaces I have made with them over the last year or so! Super cute and hope to continue to have lots more goodies like these in the future! Hope everyone is having a great week! My work area is jam packed with LOTS and LOTS of styles of pieces that i cannot wait to share with you! Keep your eyes peeled! xoxo

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New YEAR!!!!

Happy 2012 everyone!!! I hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday season! 2011 brought about ALOT of life changes for me. It really showed me how strong of a woman I really am both emotionally, mentally and even physically. I am thankful for all that I learned in 2011 but am ready to have a fresh start for 2012! With a wonderful renewed outlook on life and love standing by my side I am ready and happy to be back in full force again at creating! I am currently working on lots of new items for the shop in many different genres of jewelry. New kawaii and lolita items on the way as well as expanding more into my love for Steampunk and Neovictorian pieces! I have been away from my blog for sooo long - but one of my new promises I have made for myself and my career is to post and create/discuss more often as it really and truly is a wonderful outlet of expression for me. So thank you so so much for reading this and for you love and support!!! Posting new items on a daily basis to the shop on etsy- starting this week! also of which has been renamed as well!

New Kawaii items:

I hope to post on my life experiences as well on here as for the first time in a looong time I am truly truly happy in my life. I am also working on updating and getting the word out for my facebook page- so I would be ever so greatful for any new followers and "likes" :)

Thank you so so much!!!
I wish you all much love and happiness in the new year and hope its filled with promise and smiles!!! xoxox

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Get-To-Know-A-Little-About-Me Survey

I saw this super cute survey on my friend Dominica's Blog (you NEED to check out her Etsy shop! Her work is SUPER AMAZING!) SHOP DOMINICAS Here!! Ok now onto the survey :) Thought it was a simple and cute way to tell a little about me personaly - as more than just and jewelry artist and designer :D
A- Age: 30
B- Bed Size: Full
C- Chore you hate: Laundry
D- Dogs or cats: Love all animals - but have to say Doggies since i have one! :)
E- Essential start your day item: ? Not sure i have one... toothbrush maybe?
F- Favorite Color: Green
G- Gold or Silver: Usually i would say silver - but am falling in LOVE with antique gold and brass and copper too :)
H- Height: 5'8"
I: Instruments you played: Clarinet
J- Job Title: Jewelry designer/artist
K- Kid(s): None yet :(
L- Loud or quiet: Quiet
M- Mom's Name: Lorelei
N- Nicknames: Meg, Meggie, Megs
O- Overnight hospital stay: None
P- Pet Peeve: When people say "indians" when they are referring to NATIVE AMERICANS
Q- Favorite quote from a movie: Oh man - so so many - probably Lord of the Rings , Gandalf to Frodo "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."
R- Right or left handed: Right
S- Siblings: One younger brother, Aaron
T- Time you wake up: Between 9 or 10 am
U- Underwear: Lacey and pretty :)
V- Vegetables you dislike: LOVE vegetables! but i would prob say beets
W- Ways you run late: waiting too long to start getting ready by multi-tasking
X- X-rays you've had: Teeth, Jaw, Knee
Y- Yummy food you make: Oatmeal chocolate peanut butter cookies
Z- Zoo Favorite: Penguins

thanks for reading :) feel free to pass on the survey! would LOVE to get to know everyone more!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting ready for HALLOWEEN!

Yay! It's my favorite time of the year- fall! which means Halloween is just around the corner! I had alot going on personally so i haven't been around much on my blog to post - but am trying to get back into the swing of things since moving back from overseas. i have been designing jewelry and accessories like CRAZY for upcomming halloween! i have been going some steampunk, neovictorian and pin up inspired items so add to my collections in the shop in expanding my styles to include more of what i LOVE myself! so this is alot of the new type of items that you will expect to see in my shop regularly - as well as my cute kawaii items too! thought i would share with you all -









Just a few of my faves! i am still working on lots lots more! Already designing up new stuff for christmas too (in the works!) so this is sure to be a busy but creative holiday season! So what is everyone going to be for halloween?! Would love to hear your comments! Take care and have a great sunday! Much love!
xoxoxox meghan

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hey guys- i am so very very sorry this post is so long overdue. i have had ALOT happening in my life with my personal life and moving back to the USA from Germany that i didnt get to post the winner of the contest that i had in junction with my shop back in AUG. i am proud and happy to announce the winner of the fawn necklace was the lovely MISS DONNA :) she was sent her winning prize necklace back in august before i moved - so i hope she LOVES IT! THANK YOU ALL SO much to who entered and for all your support. i am gearing up for halloween with LOADS of goodies and in the process of giving the shop a makeover - as well as the blog so things are a little hectic at the moment. i plan on doing more contests and giveaways when i get a little more settled here from my move. thank you all again so much! hope you all have a wonderful weekend! much love! xoxox

Monday, August 2, 2010

FREE Worldwide Shipping & NEW Shop Items

Hello all! I will be moving again soon from Overseas - so i decided to offer another fun PROMO in my Etsy shop! FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!! NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL! This is a great oppertunity to grab some goodies while you can! The FREE SHIPPING SALE runs NOW (AUG 1st) THRU AUG 9th!! Dont miss out! Since my Blog necklace giveaway is still going on - EVERY purchase you make enters you to win!! On that note i would like to show a few new items i will be adding tonight to the shop! Enjoy!

Cullen Crest Petite Filigree Ring

Pink Bunny Tea Party Ring

Pale Pink Glitter Victorian Rose Cluster Filigree Ring

Shabby Antique Little Mermaid Ariel Brooch/Necklace

Marie Antoinette Pink Rose Heart Vanilla Cake Platter Ring

Shabby Ryden Doll Art Victorian Cameo Necklace

Thank you for looking! More NEW items can be found in my ETSY shop - ! ♥