Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New YEAR!!!!

Happy 2012 everyone!!! I hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday season! 2011 brought about ALOT of life changes for me. It really showed me how strong of a woman I really am both emotionally, mentally and even physically. I am thankful for all that I learned in 2011 but am ready to have a fresh start for 2012! With a wonderful renewed outlook on life and love standing by my side I am ready and happy to be back in full force again at creating! I am currently working on lots of new items for the shop in many different genres of jewelry. New kawaii and lolita items on the way as well as expanding more into my love for Steampunk and Neovictorian pieces! I have been away from my blog for sooo long - but one of my new promises I have made for myself and my career is to post and create/discuss more often as it really and truly is a wonderful outlet of expression for me. So thank you so so much for reading this and for you love and support!!! Posting new items on a daily basis to the shop on etsy- starting this week! also of which has been renamed as well!

New Kawaii items:

I hope to post on my life experiences as well on here as for the first time in a looong time I am truly truly happy in my life. I am also working on updating and getting the word out for my facebook page- so I would be ever so greatful for any new followers and "likes" :)

Thank you so so much!!!
I wish you all much love and happiness in the new year and hope its filled with promise and smiles!!! xoxox


Brooke said...

Love your new work! 2012 is going to be a great year for us both ... I am grateful to have you as a friend for so many years.

Licorice Jewelry said...

Thank you Brooke! I am really looking forward to 2012 as I am sure you are too! How are you doing sweet lady?! I am ever so greatful too for all the years of friendship! I promise to try to chat more often - between us both being busy! Love you lady! <3

Blackout said...

In regards to the Bambi necklace? How much and is this still available! I could not see it on Etsy, but thought to ask before I made an assumption.

Licorice Jewelry said...

thank you for hte interest. the bambi is sold out right now. but i maybe able to make another one soon. would you still be interested if i did? thank you :) <3